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What to expect from me in 2024

Hello friends from near and far!

Some major life changes (*cough* eclipses and Jupiter in Taurus in the 5th 👀 👶) and the three—soon, four!—planets currently looming atop my Capricorn ascendant have me re-prioritizing my time and efforts online. I've been writing monthly astrology reports over at the Spirit World Center for nearly two years now (!) and posting monthly dispatches here for about a year. Though I've learned so much, I'm going to change things up in the interest of creating the most useful content for myself and you dear readers.

Starting January 2024, I will:

  • still be a monthly guest on the Spirit World Center Podcast (Apple | Spotify)

  • post monthly "Important Dates to Know" on the Spirit World Center blog

  • post monthly multimedia "lookbook"-style collage posts here including photography, music, art, and links to media that vibes with the astrological tides of the month

  • post monthly informational posts here on a wide variety of topics, starting with the questions I'm most frequently asked by clients, friends, and randos I meet at cafes

  • post updates about big transits and opportunity periods on my Instagram

If there are other things you'd like to see from me in the coming year, I'd love to hear from you! I'm always learning, growing, and adapting. Shoot me an email at




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