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About Me

Hello, I'm Alexandra Blair, a traditional astrologer who has lived many lives. I spent the first two decades of my life rolling my eyes at any mention of astrology and feeling as though it simply didn't describe me or my lived experiences whatsoever.

My discovery of the Hellenistic astrological tradition revealed the complex geometric beauty, nuanced mathematics, and ancient philosophical machinations governing the entire system. This ancient philosophy and its astrological applications helped me put words to concepts I'd been feeling and performing intuitively my entire life, but had consistently failed to be able to describe or learn about. Since then, I have been happily casting a chart every time I sneeze.

I am deeply interested in philosophy, art, spirituality, and esoterica, and incorporate these interests into my astrological practice.


In addition to my cosmic preoccupations, I am an outdoor enthusiast and lover of nature who makes frequent pilgrimages to the red rocks, red desert, and red woods of the American southwest.

Professionally, I have worked as a project and program manager for creative programs; teaching creators the world over how to make better creative decisions and react more nimbly to a changing global media ecosystem. I graduated with honors from Parsons School of Design with a focus in journalism and memory in Art and Design. 






About the Podcast:

In early 2022, my dear friends Eric & Laova reached out to see if I would be interested in providing astrological insights for the shamanic practitioners and esoteric-minded clientele at their Spirit World Center. Since then, I've been providing monthly reports on the energetic cycles written in the stars which listeners use to develop deeper spiritual practices. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

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