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There are about as many types of astrology as there are practicing astrologers—each with their own ideologies, foci, and style. Below you can find some information about the specific techniques and theories that define my practice.

If you'd like to read me wax philosophic about what I do or learn more about the conceptual underpinnings of Hellenistic Astrology, you'll find that on my Philosophy page (coming soon). If you're looking for what you can expect from a session with me, you'll find that in the description of each bookable session I offer. 

My practice will always involve:

  • The major building blocks of the Hellenistic tradition, including:

    • The tropical zodiac

    • Whole-sign houses

    • Traditional rulerships based on the seven classical or “personal ‘planets’”: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

    • Classical aspects: the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, & opposition

  • Metaphors, archetypes, and keywords. ​

  • A back-and forth discussion between you and I. Together we'll build a full, nuanced picture.

  • A birth chart, created by me on professional astrology software, using an accurate birth time, date, and location. 

  • ISAR's Code of Ethics created specifically by and for astrologers

If your inquiry calls for it, I will happily use:

  • Planetary transits happening in real time or the coming months 

  • Basic synastry

  • SOME modern astrological ideas and techniques where it is relevant to your inquiries, like:

    • Outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus) to generate context

    • Psychological & archetypal concepts

  • Electional astrology to help you find auspicious dates for launching projects, sending communications, and doing esoteric or spiritual workings

  • Traditional timing techniques like annual profections & zodiacal releasing

  • Planetary magick including deity and archetypal associations, petitions, the creation of talismans, sigil creation, rune work, manifestation methods, and spell design.  

  • Decans




At this time, I do not use or work with:




Where and what I've studied: 


I've deepened my practice via courses, lectures, private tutoring sessions, books and other materials from leading modern practitioners of this delicate art including:

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