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Notes from NORWAC 2024

Updated: May 31

The Northwest Astrological Conference celebrated its 40th annual gathering this past weekend in Seattle, Washington to much fanfare and general adoration from all present. I should know, I was there! It was this author's first time attending the much fêted event and I certainly found out what all the commotion was about.

I booked my travel way back when the conference was sold out and held out hope that I would somehow trudge my way to the top of the (I was assured) utterly packed waitlist. Two weeks before the conference, my brute force manifestation paid off.

pink flowers bursting over the side of a pink fence around a house in the distance
either seattle itself was gorgeous, or i'm just f*cking sick of living in the monoseason of Texas heat

My weekend started with a pre-conference workshop from astrologer Demetra George on Friday and I packed in as many talks, workshops, experientials(!), cold brews, conversations, random gin & sodas(?!), more conversations, excuses to harass my astrological idols, facetimes with my son's crooked toes, and trips to the conference bookstore as I possibly could have.

a facetime screen shot of a baby foot with crooked toes and a mid-30s female caller smiling at the image
this is what saturn out of sect in pisces will do to a man

Highlights included excellent presentations from astrologers Gray Crawford (Saturn & Neptune cycles), Judith Hill (astrological nutrition), Patricia Walsh (experiencing Pluto in Aquarius), Diana Rose Harper (2nd house resourcing), and Austin Coppock (on Saturnian melancholia and gravity). Oh yes, and from Ryhan Butler who, if I can speak for the entire conference (and why not?), collectively unscared us all back into making talismans!

Yes, I am, indeed, exhausted.

But the real journey was the friends we made along the way, or something like that. Take a look at my Instagram for more of a play-by-play and to see content I'll feature often from my new friends, both human and book.

a stack of eight astrology books ranging from traditional to psychological to magickal
gemini shopping spree

In all seriousness, I crammed an immense amount of knowledge and new techniques and fresh approaches into my brain and I cannot wait to begin offering those perspectives and ideas to you all when my books are open once more in late summer.

Until then, xo


an image of crossed legs in an airplane seat with Vans shoes on and a water bottle in a lap.
upgraded to first class on my way home; is this jupiter in gemini????


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