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Podcast: 2023 Year Ahead Preview

Updated: Feb 14

I recently had the honor of doing a "year ahead" preview show over at the Spirit World Center. We covered:

  • Saturn's ingress into Pisces

  • Pluto's ingress into Aquarius (and retrograde dips back into and out of Capricorn)

  • Mars finally leaving Gemini after seemingly forever (just to fall into Cancer)

  • The transitioning eclipse cycle from the Taurus/Scorpio to the Aries/Libra axis

  • Jupiter's ingress into Taurus

  • The Venus Retrograde in Leo

  • and so much more!

Plus, I read through Eric and Laova's year ahead to give them a little taste of what was to come for each of them, personally.

Head on over to The Spirit World Center Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to listen.


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