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Podcast: 2024 Year Ahead Preview

I have once again had the privilege of doing a "year ahead" preview show over at the Spirit World Center. We covered:

  • Pluto's final departure from Capricorn and ingress into Aquarius (until 2043!)

  • The eclipse axis shifting from Aries and Libra into Pisces (and, eventually Virgo)

  • The build-up of a conjunction between Neptune and Saturn in Pisces and Aries (through 2026)

  • Jupiter moving into Gemini this summer

  • Two summer Full Moons in Capricorn

  • The impending Mars retrograde through early Leo and late Cancer to end the year

And if all that wasn't enough, Eric and I managed to sneak in some spooky talk and extraterrestrial speculation. It was a great time!

Head on over to The Spirit World Center Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to listen.


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