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July Podcast Appearances

Hello gorgeous people. Here are a couple of podcast appearances for the month. Check them out!

July marked my first appearance on the Nightlight Astrology podcast to co-host astrologer Adam Elenbaas' monthly astrology overview podcast. I was thrilled to be joined by talented astrologer Whitney Kranz and, together, the three of us broke down the calendar month of July transit-by-transit.

As usual, I joined Eric over at the Spirit World Center podcast to bring the astrology of July down into a practical and spiritual ground. We found some opportunity periods for spiritual practice, discussed archetypal energies and, together, battled the great Gemini brain f(r)og and emerged (mostly) victorious.

This month felt like a cute little return to form for us and, starting this coming month, we will be tweaking the format of the show very slightly to better incorporate his utterly fathomless well of esoteric, hermetic, and shamanic knowledge.

As always, let me know what you think or how this astrology works out for you in your everyday life by sending me an email at or via Instagram DM.


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