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silhouettes of cacti dotting a starry horizon


Ancient knowledge in today's tongue. 


The methodology

Astrology is so much more than a personality test. For the entirety of recorded human history, we have been gazing up into the stars looking for patterns and truths.  Join me in marveling at this ancient art.

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Hello lovely reader. My bookings are currently CLOSED until late-June 2024 as I work on some personal projects I can't wait to share with you all. 

Blair dives deep into every aspect of my life for the upcoming year. This insight allows me to prepare for work and project flows, anticipate potential challenges, and be aware of red flags like family tensions, financial hurdles, or creative blocks. 
Blair is the astrologer you'd want to have by your side throughout your entire life. I wholeheartedly trust her and recommend her as a reliable source for precise predictions.

Laova, Canada



The astrologer

Hey! I'm Alexandra Blair, an astrologer and esoteric enthusiast who has lived many lives in one. My pursuit of astrological knowledge has helped me put words to concepts I've been feeling and performing my entire life, but have never fully been able to describe. Hopefully I can help you, too. 

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