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Your Astrological Year Ahead

Which areas of your life will be lit up in the coming year? Let's find out!

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • Zoom link

Service Description

A year-ahead astrological reading looks at the major transits that will take place in the coming year and gives you a detailed look at what areas of your life will experience opportunity or adversity. If you have a specific topic or area of your life you'd like me to focus on (like love, career, family, spirituality, etc), please let me know when booking so I can tailor our reading to your goals. Using your precise birth time and location, I will create a "natal chart" (or birth chart). This blueprint will unlock potential opportunities and challenges that will arise throughout the year in the areas of: career, finances, creativity, spirituality, relationships, family, investments, sexuality, friends & social settings, physical health, mental health, and more. Hear me discuss some of the astrology of 2024 and beyond, here: We'll look at some of the defining transits of the coming months, including: * a 20 year transformation with Pluto in Aquarius * the Aries/Libra and Pisces/Virgo eclipse cycles * important planetary retrogrades (4 Mercury retrogrades and Mars in Leo & Cancer) * Jupiter leaving Taurus for Gemini in summer 2024 * double Capricorn full moons in summer 2024 * periods of success or struggle on the horizon (and which areas of life this will affect) * the transits of the 7 personal "planets" (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn) * major activity in the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto) While these readings will be driven by me, I will happily make space to cover topics or questions that are of interest to you. The session will always involve a back-and-forth dialogue with a conversational and friendly tone. 🌌🌌Notes & More Information 🌌🌌 ✨ The reading is conducted via a 75-minute comprehensive Zoom call detailing your unique astrological profile. Recording is encouraged for both parties. ✨I will use professional astrology software (Astro Gold) to cast your chart, but if it's of interest, I can show you how to create and access whole sign house charts for yourself and your friends using the free website ✨ For more in-depth information about my practice or the philosophy of Hellenistic astrology, visit those respective pages on my website. ✨ For more information about the ethics of astrology, visit:

Cancellation Policy

If the listed times don't work for your time zone or schedule, feel free to shoot me an email at and we can figure something out that works for you. -- I get it, things happen and sometimes our plans are foiled! To cancel or reschedule, please notify me within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment and we can reschedule. Multiple reschedules will require a new booking. No-shows with no notice will result in a cancelation of your session without a refund.

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